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How would you describe dealing with employees and HR issues?

  • Stressful?
  • Time-Consuming?
  • Takes you away from making money and moving your business forward?
  • Frustrating?
  • Worrying?

Where do you turn if you don’t know what to do about employee issues?

  • Google
  • ACAS
  • Colleagues
  • Friends
  • Your spouse
  • Your Business partner

How would you describe employment law and HR legislation?

  • Complicated
  • Overwhelming
  • Unfair

These are the words that my clients use to describe how they felt before they met me and used my services to take away these worries.

If you use my services you can be assured that the stress, worry and overwhelm will disappear, allowing you to channel your energy directly to where it is needed, to your business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a friendly, pragmatic and straightforward person on the end of the phone or email who you could call upon when:

  • Susan from accounts tells you she’s pregnant, or
  • when Dave from Sales says he needs time off to care for his elderly mother, or
  • when Mark from the Warehouse says his manager is bullying him, or
  • when your key member of staff asks to take holiday at your busiest time, or
  • when Bob in IT says he is resigning because he feels under pressure, or
  • when ACAS call you to say Linda your secretary is bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal, or
  • what about when you hear on the news about the latest change to employment laws?

How much is your time worth if you are working on your business?

How much time have you spent on-line trawling through websites to find the answer to one of the issues listed above?

Legal and HR advice from a Solicitor need not be as expensive as you think and compared to the cost of your time, and risk of trying to ‘do it yourself” it is actually very cost effective for your business.

Remember contacting a Solicitor isn’t just about getting advice when things go wrong, being proactive is the best thing for your business.

Legal Lighthouse

So, whether you are cruising along on a £50 million Sunseeker or frantically paddling a rubber dinghy, your legal lighthouse is here to guide you through the sea of employment law

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3 Responses

  1. I have been suspended from my job on Monday . Told me to come back on Saturday to work . So will I have my job back ?

    1. Hi

      Thank you for your comment. If your situation has not been resolved and you are still suspended then I recommend that you write to your employer for clarification of the reasons for your suspension and likely timescale for conclusion.

      Suspension should be for a reasonable period of time and only long enough to investigate the issue in hand.

      If you would like additional guidance on suspension and template letters for you to use you can purchase our suspension toolkit here for £36.

      Alternatively if you would like specific advice about your case or to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me –

      Kind regards


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