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Outplacement Support for Employees



In this article, which has kindly been written by Stella Marshall at Starry1HRconsulting, we explore the Top 10 Tips as to why Outplacement support is important for your business.

Outplacement support is provided by employers. typically in redundancy situations, to their employees who are leaving employment, but it is not just something that should be considered by large employers. As you will see from the Top tips provided by Stella there are many reasons why you should consider it for your organisation.



Outplacement is about the Human side of Change and helping Individuals through the transition to find new jobs and assisting them re-orient to the job market.  It is achieved through practical advice and psychological support.



Business perspective

  • Reduces the trauma of Job Loss by offering a constructive intervention
  • Enables people to leave in a positive way and plan a positive future if handled openly and honestly
  • Likely to retain your ex-employee as a customer (friends/family/network)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – enhance the reputation of the business in the local community – ‘good employer’ or ‘uncaring and unprofessional’  Reputation matters – Think TWITTER!
  • Retain and ensure the commitment and health of those remaining.  ‘Survivor syndrome’.  ‘I might be next!’

Individual perspective

  • For those who have not had to prepare a CV for many years, it is very helpful to be able to access a trusted expert to talk about draft CV’s or preparation for a particular interview
  • Outplacement can give back a sense of Control ‘active participant in change’ not ‘passive recipient’
  • Supports people to find self-esteem again for themselves
  • Personal concerns are addressed – not ‘one size fits all’
  • I should have done this years ago!’  People Like Challenge 


Today, demands are increasing to learn new skills and new mental attitudes

Outplacement can help people to rediscover their drivers/values and transfer experience and know/how

People who are re-energised, stimulated by challenge and positive about change are enabled to make valued and enduring contributions to future organisations

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Stella Marshall is an HR consultant who specialises in outplacement support. You can find more information about Stella and Starry1HRconsulting at

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