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Why do I need employment advice from a Solicitor?

Remove stress and worry

Dealing with any form of dispute or issue in the workplace is stressful without the worry of ensuring that what you are doing is legally compliant. We can take that stress and worry from you whatever the issue may be.

Save time

Why spend hours ‘googling’ the answers or trying to work out what you should do. We guarantee to save you time so that you can focus on the important things in life and business.

Easy to understand guidance

There is nothing worse than trying to get advice from someone who speaks to you in long winded legal jargon. We have worked hard to shake the ‘lawyer’ out of our language so we can provide guidance and support in a way that is easy to understand and helps you to make important decisions.

Giving you peace of mind

We provide you with the peace of mind to know that whatever the outcome you have had up to date expert advice about the situation and have been well informed in your decision making.

Ensure legal compliance

For business owners and employers we will ensure that you are legally compliant and help to protect your business reputation and avoid costly legal disputes. Let’s face it no-one wants to find themselves at the Employment Tribunal or worse reported about in the local press!

Support free from judgement

We will provide the advice and options available to you and support your decision making without judgement. We are here to support you whatever you choose to do.

How can we help you?


It goes without saying that we are expert employment and HR solicitors, but we are different to your grey suited, baffle you with legal jargon solicitors. You will get sensible, clear and simple advice from us. 

HR Harbour

Our flagship service for employers, providing ongoing, cost effective support. We become integrated into your business, a partner in supporting you, and a safe haven to have a good old rant if you want!

Our Services

If it is related to employment law and HR then you name it, we do it! Our passion is to help you and make your life as easy as possible, this is a list of just some of the ways we can do this.


Our mission is to improve the world of work for all. One way we do this is to provide a truck load of resources for you.

DIY Documents

Sometimes you just want to get on and do it yourself. We have created a variety of cost effective options so you can do just that. 

Online Advice

Dinosaurs we are not! We embrace modern tech and this enables us to help you wherever you are located in the UK. 

Our Podcast

If you like your updates delivered direct to your ears then check out the dulcet tones of our founder Alison Colley on the fortnightly podcast. 

News & Events

We love nothing better than giving you added value and access to our experts. Here you will find details of our latest events and what is going on at RELA.


We’ve prepared this conscise overview of legal services we offer employees.

Our Services

Browse the list of legal advice we could help you with as an employee.

Employee Resources

Here’s a selection of handy legal resources for employees.

Legal Updates

Click here for the latest legal updates about employment law.

Our Podcast

Listen to our employment law podcast covering advice for employees.

News & Events

We host a variety of events and share the latest news from the industry.

Online Advice

Get advice on your legal concerns from one of our solicitors.

Let’s Talk

If you’re still unsure on what help you need – please book a callback with us.


Settlement Agreements are becoming an increasingly popular method of ending employment relationships and more employers are using them to avoid messy, time consuming and expensive disputes.

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Appointments are available on the telephone or via Skype throughout the UK.

Who we work with


Case study

The Royal Hotel

The Royal Hotel has been a platinum member of our HR Harbour Membership service since 2015. We provide regular onsite support to the Managing Director, Managers and Heads of Department with all aspects of the employment relationship. 

“I am truly grateful for all the kind help and support Real Employment Law Advice. I would recommend your services to everyone… so professional, sympathetic and caring. Thank you again.”